The hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another - Sarah Addison Allen

MSPCA's wellbeing programme focuses on the intake, rehabilitation and rehoming of homeless animals, creating a community of volunteers across different ages, cultures, social statuses and abilities, in an effort to embark on a journey and encourage kindness, and empathy, acceptance and integration.

This community of animal lovers is currently reaching out to society through our outreach programme which focuses on providing therapeutic interventions within Elderly care homes.

Our Wellbeing Programme is divided into three main pillars:

1. Community outreach

Our community outreach programme focuses on reaching out to Youth and Elderly communities in an effort to create awareness and education in the case of children and mitigate isolation and loneliness within elderly care homes.

School Outreach: This focuses on creating awareness and educating children about the 5 animal welfare needs. Children come to understand the importance of animals in society and become aware of their basic needs which we need to protect. This programme is aimed at building Empathic skills, Introspection and Respect amongst our youths, through real-life case studies,  towards our environment and its animals.

Elderly outreach: This programme seeks to bring together two social causes and find one common solution: sheltered animals and elderly in care, both in need of quality time spent through interaction. This programme is headed by a warranted counsellor who is currently visiting 4 established care homes over the Maltese islands. This programme acts as a therapeutic intervention by creating a positive and safe environment for both parties. The dynamics created provide for a suitable dialogue between the 'client', therapist and shelter animal, which can progress at a pace suitable for each client.

2. Community involvement

This programme allows the members of the community to get involved and form an important part of our NGO.

Volunteers are a core part of what keeps our Cause alive. Volunteering comes from the heart, it takes people on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Establishing a connection with an animal in need is a truly unique and special experience which enriches the soul.

This programme seeks to bring people and animals together. The animals create a common ground whereby empathy, compassion, acceptance, humility, loyalty and kindness all help to establish a beautiful environment where humans and animals can connect. 

3. Animal wellbeing

Our animal wellbeing programme focuses on the rehabilitation of animals. This interim period gives them time to readjust to new people, animals and situations, where they can build resilience and become stronger both physically and mentally. This time helps them to readjust to new environments and learn how to trust their surroundings where they may have previously been exposed to abuse or isolation. Each animal is given the necessary vaccinations, booked in for neutering, scheduled health checks on a weekly basis and given the necessary grooming. This programme requires a sufficient amount of funds in order to provide for their needs in terms of food, medications and any possible clinical interventions required.