Leishmaniasis, commonly known as “Sandfly” is a common disease that worries every dog owner. It is transmitted when a very small insect bites the dog in order to feed on it’s blood. During this process the leishmania parasite enters the dog’s body. Not all dogs develop infection, however most of them are unable to develop an adequate immunity and get the disease. Some dogs can even die from the effects of this disease.

Some easy precautions can help reducing the chance of infection. These include:

1-Protective collars.
2-Anti-parasite drops are advised to be used all year round.
3-Dogs should not sleep outside especially during the summer months
4-Walks should be avoided during sunset and sunrise.
5-Insect repellents can help too.

Vaccines are available on the market to further help protect our dogs. A vaccine is an injection that helps the dog’s body fight off the infection.

Some important points to keep in mind are the following:

Before your dog can be vaccinated a blood test needs to be performed to make sure it is free form leishmania.
The dog needs to be at least 6 months of age and in good health.
Complete vaccination is achieved after 3 injections , three weeks apart.

A yearly booster helps keep a strong protection.

The vaccine is NOT 100% effective. It reduces the chance of infection fourfold.

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