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At the MSPCA, we believe that education is invaluable in promoting human behaviour change and ultimately improving the welfare of animals. Our educational programmes aim to improve awareness and knowledge of animal welfare throughout our communities and to create a society that is kinder to all animals. 

Our programmes target all age groups as no matter our age, we all have a role to play in improving animal welfare. Research has shown that animal welfare education is beneficial to all in society, educating children and young people not only improves compassion and kindness to animals but also friendliness, empathy and compassion to one another.

What is Pet Talk

Pet Talk is an educational campaign which aims to improve the health and welfare of our pets. Here's to a nation of happier, healthier pets!

We will cover many common health and welfare issues so that pet owners are better equipped to care for their animals and to ensure they have the best life possible.

Health Issues: FIV and FeLV in cats, Parvovirus, dog and cat neutering, dental disease, obesity, arthritis, heatstroke, brachycephalic breeds, chocolate toxicity and lily poisoning in cats.

Welfare Issues: Separation anxiety, ear cropping in dogs, house cats – preventing boredom and behavioural issues, pets and fireworks, keeping children and dogs safe around each other, adopting don't shop, adopting an older animal and how to care for your new puppy or kitten. 

You can find leaflets covering these topics in your veterinary clinic or local council or have a look at our Facebook page for our educational posts.

Educational Outreach in Schools

Throughout the summer we ran workshops in summer schools where we discussed The Five Welfare Needs of animals, responsible pet ownership and why we should treat ALL animals with compassion and respect. These workshops were fun and interactive way to engage with primary school pupils and develop their love of animals. 

What are The Five Welfare Needs of animals?

  1. Environment: The need for a suitable environment 
  2. Diet: The need for a suitable diet 
  3. Behaviour: The need to express natural behaviours
  4. Companionship: The need to be housed with or apart from other animals, as appropriate for the species 
  5. Health: The need to be protected from pain, injury, disease and suffering