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Sandfly Dangers

Leishmaniasis, commonly known as “Sandfly” is a common disease that worries every dog owner. It is transmitted when a very small insect bites the dog in order to feed on it’s blood. During this process the leishmania parasite enters the dog’s body. Not all dogs develop infection, however most of them are unable to develop an adequate immunity and get the disease. Some dogs can even die from the effects of this disease.

Some easy precautions can help reducing the chance of infection. These include:

1-Protective collars.
2-Anti-parasite drops are advised to be used all year round.
3-Dogs should not sleep outside especially during the summer months
4-Walks should be avoided during sunset and sunrise.
5-Insect repellents can help too.

Vaccines are available on the market to further help protect our dogs. A vaccine is an injection that helps the dog’s body fight off the infection.

Some important points to keep in mind are the following:

Before your dog can be vaccinated a blood test needs to be performed to make sure it is free form leishmania.
The dog needs to be at least 6 months of age and in good health.
Complete vaccination is achieved after 3 injections , three weeks apart.

A yearly booster helps keep a strong protection.

The vaccine is NOT 100% effective. It reduces the chance of infection fourfold.

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Heatwave expected to hit Malta this week

The first Heatwave for this year is expected to hit Malta this week!
The Malta weather forecast is expecting temperatures to hit between 30°C to 35°C with a UV 9!
The public is encouraged to stay hydrated and in the shade, while the poor horses carrying carriages will still be operating as normal, since legislation to rest in the afternoon comes into effect in July!
ELI/SL/439.22: No ‘karozzin’ may be used on any road throughout the period from the 1st of July to the 31st of August any year between 13:00 hours and 16:00 hours
Considering our hot climate the law should extend this period to protect these working animals from June to September between 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Two sweethearts removed from a Hell Hole

The MSPCA shelter have taken on another two sweethearts , which were removed from the same Hell Hole as the Poms.
Brought to the attention and heavily pushed by the MSPCA animal rights manager and actioned by Animal Welfare .
Both found – Malnourished – Frightened and Forgotten and where – immediately recovered with Animal welfare .
– They have now Both come here for further rehabilitation and care with the hope of finding their loving homes
The MSPCA are now at full capacity and asking for help with wet food and pet vouchers with the hope of giving these wonderful souls the best care possible.

May is: Be Kind To Animals Week

Be Kind To Animals Week is an annual week-long celebration held in the first full week of May and takes place from May 7 to 13 this year. The week is designed to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made to ensure animal safety in the U.S. and around the world.
Since the week’s inception in 1915, the American Humane Association has hosted this week all over the U.S. and has encouraged other organizations and individuals to join them. It aims to spread awareness about the need to be kind to animals and to protect them and their habitats. So let’s be kind to every animal we come across — both this week and always.