We can see this. Can you?

MSPCA is raising awareness about the high number of wild animals, especially big cats, held in captivity in zoos, private collections and households. Malta is a tiny country yet holds one of the highest numbers of tigers in the EU. Between zoos and private residences, over 400 animals are caged for show in Malta.

Wild animals are not domesticated animals. Wild animals belong in the wild. It is our responsibility to protect them in their wild habitats. It is also our responsibility as Maltese citizens to make sure that the highest welfare standards are ensured and exploitation and suffering are eliminated if they are to be kept in Malta.

Join our call… demand the following

1. Complete banning of any breeding and trade

This way we reduce the exploitation of animals for profit, power or status and the horrific global trade demand for wildlife. The only breeding that should be allowed should only be if it includes justified scientific basis and linked to an international action for conservation purposes.

2. Demanding transparency, accountability, access

Continuous monitoring to ensure everything is up to standard and prevent any abuse and illegalities from happening. Tracking all individual animals, better cooperation and greater enforcement will decrease chances of exploitation.

3. Better specified welfare conditions

Wild animals lead complex lives in their environments and creating enriched environments should always be prioritised otherwise the lack of stimulation can cause boredom and stress leading to the manifestation of repetitive behaviours as is pacing, circling and cage biting

4. Compulsory microchipping

Apart from providing identification and up-to-date information on every animal, this is a guaranteed way of protecting the animals from the illegal trade.

5. Banning selfies and petting

These are inherent commercial strategies which seriously threaten the well being of the wild mothers and their cubs especially when separation occurs after only a few days after birth.

6. End to private keeping

Wild animals should be kept until they die of old age and thereafter no more wild animals should be kept just for human private use.

7. State-funded sanctuary which is not open to the general public

If we are to keep these wild animals in zoos or private residences then a sanctuary has to be created to keep the animals that cannot be sustained in the right conditions.

8. No more (new) zoos

For a small island, we have 6 registered zoos and therefore no more zoo licensing should be granted to condemn more wild animals to the same life sentence in captivity.

Over 400 big animals in captivity in Malta

There are big cats, primates, bears, dolphins and many species of reptiles currently living on our islands. These wild animals live far away from their natural homes but together we can fight to ensure their needs are met.

Please support the campaign

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