This darling 3 month old little boy was found by a couple visiting Malta, and brought to us. They’d seen him unattended and alone in a public garden for several days. 😳😳
WHY? 🐾
We named him Bobby after the bobble-head dolls you see on car dashboards, because of his tiny body and big head, and waited for someone to call/come to claim him. We checked sites and posts, but nothing! Why would anyone just leave him alone!? 😓😰
WHO? 🐾
Bobby is in great health and just a bundle of chihuahua shakes and love, as well as avid cleaner of human faces. Such a sweet boy, so it is easy to understand how the entire MSCPA staff and our volunteers fell in love with him. So much so, that one of our volunteers applied to adopt him and was approved!
Bobby (who will be renamed) will have a big doggy brother also named Bobby, a loving mum and three human siblings to show him what puppyhood in a loving home is all about!
While this sweet boy thankfully has a happy ending to his story, so many animals cannot say the same. 😞.
Please spay and neuter your animals, so that the more animals like little Bobby aren’t just abandoned when homes cannot be found or an “unexpected“ pregnancy occurs. 😠