Having our own boots on the ground looking for and reporting cases of animal cruelty.

What we do

Our animal rights manager investigates several cases and informs the concerned departments when the law is being violated. Collaborations with Animal Welfare and other animal rights NGOs occur both locally and internationally on projects relating to enforcement. Investigations, research, and proposals of new legislation are things we care to improve so the situation of the current welfare of the animals reflects their rights. Educating the public on several media channels regarding responsible pet ownership and animal legislation and bylaws is also something we work on.

A problem with breeding

Backyard and irresponsible breeding has unfortunately become an unregulated business, to the detriment of the poor animals being used and abused. We are proposing a number of recommendations in order to decrease puppy mills and backyard breeding.

Dog parks

We review and send recommendations to local councils and central government on existing dog parks. We actively advocate for a proper safe space for dogs to socialise and have fun!

Reporting Abuse

If you encounter any form of animal abuse feel free to send us an email on althea@maltaspca.org and we will follow it up. All reports are strictly confidential.

We are also currently working on the following areas:

  1. Horse Carriages
  2. Petting farms
  3. Irresponsible breeding
  4. Dog parks
  5. Dog friendly beaches