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May is: Be Kind To Animals Week

Be Kind To Animals Week is an annual week-long celebration held in the first full week of May and takes place from May 7 to 13 …

The MSPCA promotes kindness to animals and attempts to prevent all forms of cruelty to all animals. The MSPCA is interested in ensuring that any legislation that affects, or is likely to affect, the welfare of animals is promoted or opposed accordingly.

The MSPCA is keen to co-operate with organisations, international and local, whose objectives are similar to our own.

We hope that this website will help you to discover the MSPCA and make you more aware of the Home we run for animals in Floriana.

There are many lovely animals in need of your care and attention. I hope that seeing them will encourage you to visit often and give one of these animals the hope of a second chance and yourself a great deal of pleasure. Enjoy browsing.